Providing a Forever Home for Abused, Abandonded & Disabled Dogs, Cats & Horses

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PO BOX 420838
Kissimmee, FL 34742
The Healing Ark Animal Rescue is a Non-Profit 501(c)3 Charity Organization. We have been rescuing dogs, cats and horses for the past 10 years and only became an official charity in 2008. The current members of our family have had many brothers and sisters before them and will have many to follow. We work with other rescues, the SPCA, Animal Control as well as many other organizations trying to rescue as many animals in danger of overbreeding, abuse, neglect and cruelty. Many times we are too late and need to provide a forever home to what we call our "unadoptables". Click on their pictures throughout our website to learn more about their incredible stories of survival and perseverance.
We are currently a forever home to 17 dogs, 8 cats and 2 horses. We would love to provide a home to every animal in need but are just unable to financially care for too many. Additionally, the more animals we take care of compromises the lives of the ones who live here and we want to give everyone equal attention.

The majority of our family members are on medications for lifelong problems. We often only have these babies for a short amount of time due to health issues or age. Regardless of their condtion, they leave this earth knowing that someone loved them, fed them, bathed them and gave them a warm bed.
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