Fundraising Opportunities
We are a non-profit organization meaning any donations you make to our organization are tax deductable. We do not adopt out our animals like many other rescues because many of them are too sick or elderly. We do have some healthy babies with emotional issues but were taught early on by our rescue guru, Carol Dower, to have some healthy babies so you don't have to deal with sickness 24/7. Therefore, we do not regain any monies we put out. Though we have chosen to do this and will find a way to take care of our family, we could always use a bit of
help. There are many ways to do this.

1. Use GOODSEARCH (See Link) for your search engine and put our name under the charity of your choice. (We are listed as Healing Ark Animal Rescue). We get a penny for each of your searches.

2. Grab a group of co-workers and friends and put together a contest as who can gather the most needed items or monies for our charity. (Take the winner to lunch!)

3. Raising money or needed items could be used to gain a badge for a girl scout or boy scout.

4. Contact the members of a club to which you may belong and put us on your list of charities.

5. Spread the word about our website and the Goodsearch engine.

6. Schedule a Sculpey party for your friends in your home or individual orders with no party involved. (See link)

  1. Hold a raffle!

  1. Collect Pop Top Tabs for us

9. Contact us with any ideas you may have...
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