What is a Sculpey Party?
Since 1996, we have created individualized figurines and sold them at craft shows in the Central Florida area in order to raise money for our rescues. We can create little people and/or animals as sit-a-bouts or as Christmas ornaments. Each is uniquely made and can be special ordered for friends, families, pets etc.

They are indivdualized gifts you cannot get anywhere else and are really great for that hard to get gift for neighbors, co-workers etc. Below are a few examples. Just contact us for ideas and prices (they are VERY affordable).

Or, you can have a party for your friends, family or co-workers. We can come into your home or office and set up a display of our figurines. These can be purchased directly or each person can order individual pieces. This would only be for a couple of hours and there is NO PRESSURE to buy anything!

All of the proceeds go to fund The Healing Ark Animal Rescue.
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