Tess is one of our babies who recently found her forever home. This was a Craiglist baby.
We were fortunate to get her as there were a few people who were interested in her for breeding
purposes. We think Tess was beaten very badly by her very first owner.

We knew right away Tess was afraid of her own shadow. Her current "owner" had to chase her down
and practically jump her to give us to her. When we got her home, she would not let us near her
and cowered in the corner. You can actually see the fear in her eyes in the first picture as this was taken as soon as we got home with her. After a long discussion with our mentor Carol, we took her to Carol's house for quite a long stay actually. (We do not believe in finding a home for a baby unless that
baby is ready.)

It took Tess about a year to finally interact with Carol. It was a slow transition but Carol had
the patience she needed. Tess started by making friends with two other dogs who were also
fearful as they tend to bond when they react similarly. She then started coming out when we
visited Carol and then finally bonded with her forever home family. She is currently living a life
of luxury. She will always have trust issues but they are lessoning as she learns all humans are not evil.
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