My name is Spirit. I was born without eyes and left in a field, by myself with no food or water. Polk County Animal Control rescued me and were going to let me go but an Equine rescue took me in. As they didn’t really have room, they found The Healing Ark Animal Rescue.

Boy…was that a lucky break for me. I was 350 pounds underweight as you can see in my picture and I had never had so much grass in my life! WOWSA! I met a wonderful mare named Annie who took care of me and now I have a new friend named Splash. I memorized where everything is so I know how to get through the gates and especially where my food and water is located. I kinda run a low fever all of the time but my moms had the equine vet check me out and I am doing great! I have slowly gained about 175 pounds since last August, 2009 and am so grateful for my new home!
August 21, 2009
December 21, 2010
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