Charlie Bear was with us for only 2 ½ years. He came to us as a stray from the pound. He had an enlarged heart, a heart murmur and a bad chronic cough. Our goal was to make him as happy as he could possibly be which we did with the help of Dr. Bill and Dr. Joy.

Charlie Bear loved to explore and had eight acres on which to roam (supervised only of course). He had quality time for which we are grateful. Whenever we looked at him, we had to laugh because the white around his nose made us always say to him, “Got Milk?”

In Memoriam

I am the Petey Pie! I was found on the streets and turned into Osceola Animal Control. I was rescued by a wonderful woman named Carol and then adopted by my moms. I don’t know how old I am but I have heart problems and am on stuff they give me everyday. Not to worry, it tastes like cheese!

I am Petey Pie and a handsome guy!