Those Abound with Love

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To become a member, you simply have to be obsessed with animals. Judy and Jackie have both had a love of animals their entire lives. They spent three years volunteering at Back to Nature Wildlife Rescue in Bithlo, Florida. We eventually found our way into the life of our Rescue Mentor and inspiration, Carol. The rest is history.
We are currently looking for sponsers to help us support our babies and for further rescue endeavors. If you wish to simply help by providing funds for food, medicines or medical care, that would be fantastic gift to the life of these babies. This would also allow us to continue helping more and more. These gifts are tax deductable. (Even though you are giving from the heart, a boon to your pocketbook is not a bad thing.)
The Healing Ark Animal Rescue
PO BOX 420838
Kissimmee, FL 34742
Our Beloved Leader:  Carol D. 
Becoming a Sponser
In Memory of Patches
In Memory of Annie