Carol Dower
“And hear at times a sentinel who moves about from place to place
 And whispers to the worlds of space in the dark of night
"That all is well.”
And all is well, tho faith and form be ‘sundered in the night of fear.

Well roars the storm for those who hear a deeper voice across the storm”

16 years ago I called Carol looking for a little Yorkie. We had just lost a 15 year old baby and needed a new friend to help heal our hearts. Carol said she didn’t have any yorkies, but would keep our number. Over a year later Carol called, but wanted to know if we could pick up a baby near Poinciana.

We got the little one, took her home, fed and bathed her and gave her a comfortable bed. In the middle of the night it became obvious that the dog was quite ill and in great pain. We took her to the emergency vet who advised the kindest thing was to let the baby go, so we did.

The next morning, I called Carol and told her about the pup. I said, I’m sorry, but we had to put your dog down”. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Carol knew that we could be trusted to make the difficult decision to let go when it is best for the little one.

As The Healing Ark Animal Rescue, my partner Jackie, Carol’s sister Linda and I were Carol’s secret weapon. We laughingly called ourselves Moose and Squirrel as we furtively gathered pups off of Craig’s list and passed them over the back fence in the middle of the night.

We were privileged to assist Carol in carrying out her mission of rescue. Our house is filled with fur babies who have endured unspeakable abuses and lived to overcome them with sweetness and love.

Little Penny was our first rescue from Carol. She was kept in a shed outside because she barked a lot. The story was told that she would be taken inside to play for brief periods and then thrown back into the shed. She weighed barely 2 ½ lbs when we got her and as she gained weight, she got very grumpy. Apparently she had been kicked into the shed and her right hip was dislocated and never treated. We had her leg fixed and she continues to bring us joy, although thanks to her barking, we haven’t slept a full night in 15 years.

A voice for the little ones who otherwise could not speak, Carol encouraged us all to cry louder against the indignities and injustices that daily beset the fur babies around us. Let us never stop railing against puppy mills and those who barter in the flesh of innocent animals.

I stayed with Carol the Thursday night before she died. We talked about her life and things she’d done. She said there was nothing for which she was waiting…she was comfortable and ready to go. How many people have that privilege. May everyone who loved her take great comfort in that message.

May we all smile a little sweeter and shine a little brighter for that part of Carol that lives on in each of us.
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