Our Sweet Patches
In Memoriam

Patches was a true miracle. We recently lost Patches to cancer but this is her story as she would tell it.

One day, my moms were at a place called Fibber McGee’s in East Orlando on Thanksgiving day about 10 years ago. I came limping up to these people who were waiting for the place to open for a holiday special sale. I cried a lot as I was just skin and bones. You see, I had been hit by a car and had a crushed pelvis.

A nice lady from the group went to the Walmart across the street and bought me a can of cat food. I gulped it down. She then picked me up, put me in the back of her truck (which had a nice warm topper on it) and took me home.

Dr. Joy met me and fixed me up. I only weighed about 3 pounds at that point. I am on daily meds and really have a wonderful life. I love to eat and get tons of attention and loving. After everyone has gone to bed at night, I walk around the house meowing to let everyone know it is time to go to sleep.
Patches LOVED Boxes!
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