Our Annie
In December of 2010, we lost our beautiful Annie. She was 34 years old and the most gentle baby you could ever meet. She lived with us for 14 years and was a joy. She and her mate Magi stayed together constantly for the many years they lived here and when he died, she was extremely depressed and lonely.

You see, horses are very social creatures. She needed someone to be with. Well, we came across Spirit, a blind horse who was left in a pasture to die. Annie took awesome care of him. She wore a bell so he knew where she was at all times. She stood near him during storms and extreme cold and led him to the shade in the hottest months.

Annie will be sorely missed but mostly by Spirit who bonded with her very quickly. We recently rescued another horse by the name of Splash and she is alot younger but starting to get along with Spirit so he won't be lonely either.
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