My name is Jazzy and I am a razzy-a-ma-tazzy! I am another Craigslist doggy. What happened was this, someone gave me away for free to a couple who lived in a hotel saying they were moving into a home soon. Well, they lied and relisted me on Craigslist for $250.00. Well, my new rescue mom got me for half of that because she knew I was in trouble. I had just had puppies and they all died. I was very sick.

I guess this happens all the time on Craiglist ‘cause animals are just considered property. That is sad ‘cause humans will not do right by us and us animals are sometimes used as breeders or bait for dog fighting.

Well, I am safe now and my new moms are taking really good care of me and I love to play, play, play and play!
Jazzy's first day out of harm's way.
She was very sick.
Jazzy today with her BFF Rosie!
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