My name is Kiwi and I donít know how old I am. I was rescued by a lady from a puppy mill who tried to take care of me but left me in a cage most of the time. She was nice but I was skin and bones and had previously been forced to have many babies by these people who threw me away when I could no longer make them money. I was very unhealthy, didn't eat and was depressed.

My moms rescued me and took me to the vet right away. I was spayed and the doctor found 5 rotten teeth including one of my canine teeth. Once those were gone, I was able to eat again and my moms make me a special food everyday that I just love.

I have a big bed now that is all my own and I can wander anywhere I please. I love it here!
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Kiwi Today
Kiwi Today
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