I’m called ‘Lil Ricky. I am a whopping 3 and a half pound baby! I am 9 years old and my previous ‘owner’ had me since I was a pup but didn’t have time for me anymore. She did have time for her new puppy though.

But not to worry! I am much healthier and happier now! The hair on my back has grown back in. My ribs aren’t showing anymore and I am no longer fed cat food! I eat good food for dogs now and I get to sleep in a big bed and I have chewys and clean afghans and clean water and a sweater to keep me warm and no more fleas and tons and tons of attention and loving!

P.S. My mom tells me I am part Rotweiler and I have to tell you…she doesn’t lie!
Ricky's First Moments Home
A few weeks later...still shy.
Ricky Today!!!
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