In Memoriam

We recently lost Bonnie to a heart attack. The second hand smoke she lived in for so long finally caught up to her. We had her on heart meds and really worked hard at giving her comfort but her heart was too far gone.

Bonnie only graced our house for about 10 months but during that time, she had a wonderful life. Her skin cleared up, her cough subsided and she was happy. Her previous “owners” didn’t want her anymore because she coughed constantly and had bad skin. She lived in heavy, heavy second hand smoke and it affected her badly.

We think she was about 9 - 10 years old. She loved her hair to be short and she had a favorite teddy bear she chewed on for hours on end. We miss Bonnie daily as she was such an incredible presence in our house.
Bonnie's 1st Day
A Few Months Later!
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