My name is Splash. I have only been at my new home for a short while. I used to be a show horse and traveled around the country and won many ribbons and trophies. Unfortunately, I broke my leg. That healed fine but the human responsible for wrapping it tightly twice a day didnít do what they were supposed to so I got a bowed tendon. Well, that meant I couldnít be ridden anymore or do any of my fancy tricks.

The people who owned me just didnít want me around for grazing and were going to put me down when all of a sudden, a new home appeared. I now live on an 8-acre ranch with another horse and boy do I have tons of grass to eat. I am still working on adjusting to my new home because it is really hard to go from a place that is non-stop to a place that is very laid back but I am doing much better. I also am working on getting along with a blind horse but we are working on that too.

I love apples and horse treats and get a whole bunch of those!
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