My name is Maizie. I was on Craigslist too and was listed by a reseller. This is a person who gets us dogs for free and resells them. Fortunately, I was found by good people. My moms are the best. I was a skinny girl when my moms got me. My moms donít have any idea what has happened to me and I wish I could tell them why I am so scared when they raise their voices even when they are playing with me. Half of my tail is gone too and I do wish I could tell them what happened. But, that is in the past and now I have a wonderful home and am working hard at learning how to trust humans again.

Dr. Bill fixed me up, spay me and now I can run like a deer! I have chewys galore and I just have so much fun! I am learning lots of new things like sharing, sitting and am trying really hard not to chase the cats but that is not something I am very good at!
Maizie's 1st Day: Skin & Bones
Maizie Today!
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