My name is Bailey. I was found on the street when my moms were out and about at garage sales. They stopped at one garage sale by chance because they had decided to quit but just said “oh what the heck…one more”. This was fortunate for me because I came stumbling out from behind a fence. The people at the garage sale said that I was just a mutt their neighbor threw food out for on occasion and they said that my moms could take me if they wanted to. They warned my new moms that I “may have been hit by a car”.

They didn’t hesitate. They picked me up and put me in a nice cool van. It was 100 degrees that day and I was hot, dehydrated and hungry. I had been hit by a car and 5 of my vertebrae are fused together. I am also heartworm positive. But I tell ya, my life is wonderful. I am on pain meds twice a day and heartworm medicine. I have my very own suite, great food and am clean, cool and greatly loved. I am called “their most handsome fellow”.
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