My name is Max. I am a 10 year old Yorkie and a wonderful guy. I was given away for Free on Craigslist after 8 years of a lady “owning” me. She said she didn’t have time for me. So, Momma Jude got me. She took me to another rescue but it just didn’t work out. I kept biting the lady when she would try and pick me up. She took me to Petsmart to adopt me out but I kept snapping at anyone who came near me. Momma Jude and Momma Jackie took me to their house and just sort of let me be. They watched me and figured out something was wrong ‘cause I always had to ‘go’. Dr. Bill and Dr. Joy figured out I have a large bladder stone and I hurt. We are all working hard on taking care of that now!

My new moms are letting me stay with them forever. I slept under a chair in my old house and never had any toys. I have tons of brothers and sisters and toys now and am one happy dude!